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Meet the Team

The Faces of Our Organization

Lift Memorial President, David Miracle


One of David's greatest passions is local school reform. As president of Lift Memorial, he has brought together a group of individuals who support the value of public education and community involvement. He brings vision, charisma, and work ethic to this organization and consistently pushes our board members to think bigger.

Lift Memorial Vice President, Tamela Hamilton

Vice President

Tami has devoted significant time to various community endeavors. As vice president of Lift Memorial and president of the Crestwood Civic Club, she has been cultivating a positive relationship between Memorial Elementary and the neighborhood in which it is located. One of her many passions is gardening, which now you can find at the school.

Lift Memorial Community Officer, Tim

Community Officer

Tim has served as the pastor of Messiah Lutheran Church in the Rice Military neighborhood. As a community officer, he is interested in bringing mentoring and other community programs to Memorial Elementary and finding additional ways to support students' psychosocial development. Tim frequently brings Gabriel, the congregation's comfort dog, to visit the students at the school.

Lift Memorial Secretary, Crystal Franks


Crystal is a founding member of Lift Memorial and believes in the power of community efforts to support local education. She has been integral in helping the organization to achieve 501(c)(3) non-profit status. She diligently supports many of Lift's efforts and initiatives, especially the International Baccalaureate program that is now active at Memorial Elementary with our support.

Lift Memorial Treasurer, Robert Guratzsch


Robert believes that a school cannot educate a child in isolation. It takes a committed community – a village. He serves as the treasurer and devotes time to managing our accounts and understanding the business side of a non-profit organization. He is also an active member of Lift's fundraising committee and has developed a number of ideas through which our organization can raise funds for its initiatives.


Digital Media

Tatyana believes in the shared responsibility to uplift the neighborhood we live in, as well and our local school. As a digital marketing professional, it was natural to help and contribute her gained knowledge and expertise to Lift Memorial. She is excited about raising awareness about the various community events lined up, as well as redesigning the school's library where kids can foster a shared passion for reading.

Lift Memorial Board Member Joana Guratzsch

Board Member

Joana firmly believes in creating a tight relationship between a community and its local school, as schools are where minds are formed. As a small business owner, Joana brings her marketing skills to Lift Memorial, and enthusiastically supports a variety of initiatives. In addition to her role in Lift Memorial, she is an active member of the school's PTO and serves as a liaison between the two groups.

Lift Memorial Board Member, Amanda Ardill

PTO Coordinator

Amanda values public education and the merit of utilizing the local community school. Both of her boys attend Memorial Elementary. She is passionate about the value of holistic education – one beyond test scores as viable measures of success. As an active member at the school and Lift, she is focused on community engagement and increasing the local enrollment at Memorial Elementary School.

Lift Memorial Board Member, Spencer Oulman

Board Member

With a bilingual household and opportunities to live abroad before landing in Rice Military, Spencer strongly believes in the value of learning and speaking multiple languages. He sees the dual language program at Memorial Elementary as an important principle of learning. As a technologist at heart and in work, he is particularly interested in supporting school's STEM programs.

Lift Memorial Board Member, Scott Talley

Board Member 

Having lived in Crestwood for over three decades, Scott observed the evolution of the neighborhood and school firsthand. As a family, they made the decision to enroll their youngest child at Memorial Elementary and couldn't be happier. As a board member, he helps bridge the gap between the school and local businesses. He brings great entrepreneurial expertise and a lively spirit to our grassroots efforts.


Board Member

As a first-generation college graduate, Erika is passionate about education being available to all. Sports also played a significant role, bringing her to the U.S. and shaping her leadership, teamwork, and communication skills. Erika lives a couple of blocks away from Memorial Elementary with her husband where they play to raise their family.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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